Big Jim

2021.12.01 15:02 Savings_Possible_271 Big Jim

RIP Big Jim his anger got the best of him.
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2021.12.01 15:02 Bathtimeneon Top 1% on Spotify!

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2021.12.01 15:02 IkerSS [Vanquish] Platinum #104 and probably the toughest one so far

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2021.12.01 15:02 ResponsibilityNew715 what is better

rx 6600 vs rtx 3060
i can not find a videos on rx 6600 in vr can some on who has vr tell me
also what do u think about these gpu (what is the best cpu for them i would say a ryzen 5 3600x or a i7/i5 9th Gen Coffee Lake what do u think )
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2021.12.01 15:02 Tengri_99 Ancient writing written in the ancient Aramaic alphabet that was found in Kultobe settlement in the summer of 2020, Turkistan region.

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2021.12.01 15:02 SantiagoSchw HIVE Announces Investment in Titan, Leading Blockchain Software Company :: HIVE Blockchain Technologies

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2021.12.01 15:02 Morb2 2nd Interview

I’ve scheduled a second interview for a WFH agent position. What should I expect? Will I be hired soon?
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2021.12.01 15:02 GameOnBrother Solar Ash Review

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2021.12.01 15:02 GLRM13 I’m really enjoying posting in here, still shy to show my face though

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2021.12.01 15:02 chairbornebg „Експерт“ (Русия): Беларус ще подкрепи Русия в случай на украинска агресия

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2021.12.01 15:02 scottwax To whoever set the test sirens off an hour early

We're back in standard time.
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2021.12.01 15:02 FFBot Official: [Simple Questions and League Issues] - Wed Evening, 12/01/2021

DO NOT post Who Do I Start, Add Drop, or Trade questions in this thread; find the appropriate thread within the INDEX.
Questions about Collusion, How Waivers Work, Stat corrections, League Scoring, etc. all belong here. Any commissioner question on how to handle a situation in your league belongs here.
Any simple fantasy football question, especially when you are looking for a quick answer rather than a discussion, usually does not deserve its own thread and should be posted here. Occasionally a platform's customer care department, such as u/YahooFantasyCare may be available to address your questions directly in this thread.

Remember: Most answers to simple questions and league questions don't change from year to year. How much has changed in collecting dues in the 2 years? We encourage you to use the search function for questions like this.
  • When answering questions, please make sure to sort by NEW!
  • Do NOT reply with only a yes or no. This just removes the other person from the index without them getting information. You are not helping.
  • Explain why you came to the conclusion you did
  • Please respond directly to the OP or the Bot will not pick up your comment
Individual Simple Question or League Issue (with very rare exceptions) threads posted after this point will be deleted in order to keep the subreddit clean. Post here instead! If everyone sorts by new, your questions should be answered. You can also check out /FFCommish
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2021.12.01 15:02 big_ounce95 [IT][H] Radeon VII [W] RTX3080TI/Paypal/Cash

Hey Guys I want to sell my Radeon VII for 2100€ (Goes away for 2250 on Ebay atm) or trade for a RTX3080TI.
Card works fine. Want to sell cause I want a better card for actual gaming. This card is one of the best for Cryptomining apparently.
Living in northern-eastern part of Italy but can send it as well.
Pictures/timestamps will follow tomorrow.
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2021.12.01 15:02 Multiple_Outcomes LF Timid Mint FT Ability Patches

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2021.12.01 15:02 WormsForBrainss LOR writer backed out at the last minute

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2021.12.01 15:02 Henrik207 WB Reshiram on me starting asap 6705 2247 0103

6705 2247 0103
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2021.12.01 15:02 awesomesloppyjoe Ich_iel

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2021.12.01 15:02 Browsingsomememes Guy on the cover has the drip

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2021.12.01 15:02 Tart_Artifact185 Zekrom 7886 4611 7529

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2021.12.01 15:02 S0ma99 I have trouble connecting my my Smart Radiator Thermostat could someone help me?

I have The MTS 150H smart Radiator Thermostat I can't get them contacted I'm following the steps in the app but it's just not connecting could someone please help me. Sorry for my bad English. English is not my first language
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2021.12.01 15:02 GothamChess What do you think about Andrea Botez’s Question?

In today’s Game 5 Press Conference, Andrea Botez of popular channel BotezLive asked Magnus Carlsen “how does the knight move?” Do you think this was funny or otherwise? Let’s keep the discussion civil in the comments.
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2021.12.01 15:02 GreshamGrace How do tall women feel about being stereotyped as sexually dominant?

I saw a thread on the short sub about this, and the general consensus is that short men are insecure and fragile if they don't like being generalized/portrayed as submissive (it's currently a pinned thread there if you want to take a look). So I was wondering what the opposite side of the coin thinks about this issue.
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2021.12.01 15:02 Hrmbee Queensland woman who ran down and killed cyclist in ‘sheer rage’ jailed for 10 years | Queensland

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2021.12.01 15:02 garr112233 💠 Diamond Dogs 🐕 $DIADOGS | NFT P2E Project | Fair Launched 2m ago | Easy 100x 🚀 Safe Contract | BSC Scan Approved ✅

Greetings all, especially those who love high risk high reward crypto game in Meme space. Saluting all Dogs or Inu Meme lovers in particular! Not a puppy, not a frog nor a cat. Here are Diamond Dogs - collaborative and creative, Doge and Diamond Hands related Meme offering holders exciting journey packed with automated rewards and extensive development plan going forward.
💠 Here's what's on offer, coming straight out of the box:
🎯 Solid and Verified Smart Contract based on Binance Smart Chain. 🎯 Project launched in Stealth Mode a month ago, meaning that there was no presale nor preloaded wallets. 🎯 Only around 190 holders so be confident you are super early. 🎯 Price Chart looks healthy. 🎯 Soft marketing and shills have started, harder push is still ahead. 🎯 Ongoing Reward Campaigns for existing holders and newcomers. 🎯 Small, but friendly and supportive Community. 🎯 Initial LP is locked until Jan 21 with further liquidity pool token burn. 🎯 Tokenomics is set to deliver best rewards to our users and grow in value via hyperinflationary mechanisms. 🎯 47% of LP Burned 🔥 🎯 BSC Scan Approved with Logo and Links
🛠Original Contract features:
4% Automated Holder Rewards a.k.a. Reflections - distributed automatically among all wallets proportionally. The more and longer you hold, the more reflections you get!
4% Added to Liquidity Pool. This helps boosting our LP so token price becomes less volatile to sell orders. In addition, all LP that is added via taxation goes straight to dead wallet a.k.a. burned. That's right, so far around 47% of liquidity is locked forever and this number keeps growing.
1% of all Trades get Burned. Yes, autoburn is a top feature and burned around 3% of total supply so far!
1% BuyBack and Burn. This tax is applied everytime token is sold.
2% Marketing Fund. This wallet is tiny at the moment and will start generating only when decent trading volume is picked up.
ℹ Initial Max Total Supply of 100,000,000,000,000 had:
60% Stealth Launch LP 35% Token Burn on Launch 5% Development Wallet
🧩 Major things in the pipeline:
🔹️Genesis mint of NFT Collection. Randomly generated NFTs exclusively available to token holders. 🔹️Automated lottery draws 🔹️NFT Marketplace 🔹️Staking and NFT farming 🔹️NFT Marketplace 🔹️Play to Earn game and mobile app 🔹️Merch Store
✅ $DIADOGS is listed on LiveCoinWatch, Coinpaprika and Nomics. Coingecko and CoinMarketCap are due as soon as enough trading volume to qualify ✔
While markets are booming and Meme trendline is here to stay, don't miss an early stage of the project that has started very small and is on track developing something big!
Here are the most important links you may want to check to get more information about Diamond Dogs:
📊 Dextools Price Chart:
🥞 PancakeSwap Trading Pair:
🔐 Locked & Burned Liquidity Pools:
🔥 Continously Reduced Supply:
✅ Rugproof Score 88/100 !
🦍 Smart Contract:
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2021.12.01 15:02 suspicious-7272 Se desmayo la meri yein

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