What could I have done wrongly?

2022.01.23 07:01 Final-Entrepreneur74 What could I have done wrongly?

I (16M) have known I girl (16F) for around 4 months, she was the one who sent me first. Two weeks pass after we talk every day and I ask her out. She says yes we go out and the date went well. 2 weeks later I hang out with her and her friends and nothing pretty much happened between us. The next day, schools started and our free time got reduced as you can imagine.
We were still chatting quite regularly and we hang out again with her friends after a month. (I should mention that before we hang out I had asked her twice out and she had some excuses not to go). Anyway, after that hang out I realise that I might be friendzoned. I sent her a message the following week telling her to tell me when she is available to go out because I wanted to say something to her in person. After that message she kept initiating conversation but never told me to hang out and she also said that lately she doesn't have time for anything other than school. I should also mention that she told to a mutual friend of ours that I wanted to tell her something in person and that friend even asked me about it.
A month later we chat and I asked her about what she did today and she told me she hang out that day. I then text her this message: "instead of: I don't have time for anything other than school you could have told me: I don't have time for you". The conversation we had pretty much didn't lead anywhere and it was something like a misunderstanding though I managed with the use of humor to make the situation more chilled so it would be considered as a fight.
A few days later I wish her happy birthday and we had a small talk. A few more days go by and she wishes me merry Christmas again leading to a small talk. We didn't talk for more than a week after that and that's where I decided that I had to figure things out. I sent her a voice message where I told her that I was kinda confused about what our relationship is like and I wanted to make sure we are on the same page
We have quite a conversation there and the main point is that she told me that she didn't have energy or time for anything more that friendly. I told her that we should find a field where our wants are aligned and that just friends isn't in that field. She then told me: So, I have to do something that I don't want, or cut off with you? I reply with: same goes for me. It was kinda late when we had this convo and she told me that she had to to to bed. I told her: ok gn but we have to sort this out later. She replied: I know. Two weeks have passed including by birthday and i haven't received a text. I was thinking of sending her as I thought about it and staying friends wasn't that bad of an option for me after all but I didn't want to be the one to reach out once again, as I would be seen as needy if I wasn't already perceived like that.
I wonder what I did wrong about this. There are also some random things to mention here. She has really strict parents, she is pansexual and on the first hangout she told me she was more attracted to girls, the mutual friend I mentioned above told me that when he asked her if I had a chance she said:"he is handsome, plays 5 musical instruments and 3 sports. What do you think ?" Anyway that's all I have to say. If you have read this far I would appreciate some advice about what I did wrong so I won't repeat the same mistakes again, and if there is pretty much anything I can do about me and her at this point
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2022.01.23 07:01 ilaria903 Rival Consoles - Sudden Awareness of Now

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2022.01.23 07:01 Environmental_Comb45 The next AC should make it possible, to get the Legendary weapons early on and not after finishing the game!

i am trying to reach the devs (dont know if they look into reddit). but who came up with the idea, that it would be a good idea, to give the Legendary Weapons after finishing it or near the end of the game.
Why would you give us famous nordic weapons at the end of the game? yeah i am talking about Gungnir and Mjolnir.
i have spent 110h in the main story and could play like 3-4h at the end with those two weapons (and a bit in the DLCs, but that doesnt count..because immersion break etc.)
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2022.01.23 07:01 Papimustdie [FREE] Sakura type beat

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2022.01.23 07:01 PowerForce2021 Quantum Error - 18 Minutes Of Unreal Engine 5 Gameplay Demo Running On PS5

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2022.01.23 07:01 Poporc_DuGroin At least they have something nice to eat

At least they have something nice to eat
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2022.01.23 07:01 smartybrome Cisco 200-201 CBROPS certification

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2022.01.23 07:01 Ilovesweets8 I'm kinda bummed because i can't seem to attract the type of guy i like

I'm a bi black guy. The pool for dating men seems to be pretty small although i live in a big southern US city. I just got back on a dating app after taking a break for a few months.
In my past experiences, most white bear guys on the apps tend not to be attracted to black men. It seems when i do meet a guy that i like, he treats me like shit. Most of the time, though, either a guy who i don't find attractive is attracted to me or vice versa. I have been single for a long time and i wish i had wider tastes in men. Also it sucks because few gay men will date bi guys. Maybe i should try to date women since i want a relationship because it is hard to find guys that want commitment. However, I don't think I could be fully happy in a relationship with a woman because most women don't accept bi men plus i would miss the touch of a man. Being bi is tough sometimes
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2022.01.23 07:01 Important_Cow6454 واکنش من به یوتوب: همین چرخو بکنم تو...

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2022.01.23 07:01 PowerForce2021 Quantum Error - 18 Minutes Of Unreal Engine 5 Gameplay Demo Running On PS5

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2022.01.23 07:01 smartybrome Accounting Principles

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2022.01.23 07:01 Tomwix So who’s getting sent off today?

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2022.01.23 07:01 Deebee0613 Dside - Deeablo Ink | OpenSea

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2022.01.23 07:01 Ilovegamingbr No receiving Doge coin in f2pool, only Lite

Started mining with a minidoge two days ago at f2pool. I get paid only lite coin, 0 revenue with doge coin, am i missing something?
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2022.01.23 07:01 Luvio76 Hot Delivery bugged

I have a problem. On hot delivery I was abled to place down the helmet and the Comtacs in spot 1 but not the Gzhel and in spot 2 the other way round. No matter how often I try, I can never place down the missing items and I am stuck on the quest. Anyone had this issue?
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2022.01.23 07:01 Throwaway-71 When children claim they remember dying in tragic events, people always say it's fake. "No one ever comes back as a thief or a rapist." Those rapist and thieves knew they were going to die. 9/11 and titanic victims didn't. They died in mass too.

"Haha so fake, no one comes back as the town rapist" Good and normal people trying to have a good time or go to work or just live their life died. Unfinished business. Why is that so crazy?
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2022.01.23 07:00 TLDRNewsBot China vs Lithuania: Has China's Aggression Backfired? - TLDR News

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2022.01.23 07:00 killlaflame Looking to adopt a kitten !

Hello I’ve been searching everywhere around Houston and still can’t find my favorite cat breed :,) If anyone knows where please let me know <3
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2022.01.23 07:00 spazzo246 Apart from hiring a skip, How can I get rid of soil in my backyard

Hello everyone.
Moved into my new home and am sorting out the yard.
The soil is full of rocks and other rubble. I need to dig up approximately 20cm of what I have at the moment. There's an 9m x 2m section of dirt that needs to be excavated.
Need the dirt to be dug up by a certain amount so I can have a stable base for grass to grow. Will fill the gap with proper soil.
Is there any other way I can dispose of the soil apart from getting a skip?
I'd rather take my time over a number of days rather than rushing it and having to pay for a skip.
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2022.01.23 07:00 ClareKennedyUK Kiera Knightley

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2022.01.23 07:00 ConchobarMacNess Conquerors Blade: A Real Time Tactic Gacha?

Since quitting Genshin Impact and Gundam Battle Op 2 I've been on the lookout for a gacha game with satisfying gameplay that was as fun to play as those two. I've recently gotten really into Conqueror's Blade, a Chinese f2p PC game which is only sort of a gacha game? It has many gacha elements however the meat and potatoes of the game like weapons, armor and units don't seem to revolve around the gacha, that seems to mostly be restricted to the unit upgrades. It does have a lot of grinding like many gacha.
If I had to describe the gameplay I'd say it is a lot like Kingdom Under Fire. It also takes heavy notes from Mount & Blade and Total War to a point. I've never played a Dynasty Warrior game but it seems to resemble that as well, but with a heavy emphasis on controlling your units.
I have heard some not so favorable thing about this game in the west, specifically because the company that hosts the service there seems to be pretty awful. But if you are in the SEA region the service manager offers quality servers and they are extremely well populated.
I'll drop a video here that snaps a pretty broad picture of the game.
I do not see a lot of press about this game but it is extremely fun and thought I might mention it in case anyone else ever wants something similar that scratches the gacha itch.
I could put a player referral code but I won't, I just hope some people try it out because its been a while since I played something so fun.
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2022.01.23 07:00 autotldr EU should advance foreign intelligence-gathering capacity, EU lawmaker says

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 56%. (I'm a bot)

The EU should develop its own foreign intelligence services to provide itself with credible information about possible foreign threats, according to an upcoming European Parliament proposal, previewed to EURACTIV. "We need to have our own intelligence services, with our own intelligence systems if we want to be a global player," MEP Nacho Sánchez Amor told EURACTIV, saying he is working on a pilot project proposal to explore possibilities for increasing the information gathering capacity of the bloc's diplomatic service.
"The idea is not so much about the EU's internal security, I am sure that the national intelligence services collaborate frequently, but it is outward-looking and has to do with the EU's foreign policy capacity," he added.
With EU Intelligence and Situation Centre, an intelligence body of the EU's diplomatic service under the authority of the EU's chief diplomat Josep Borrell, the bloc already produces intelligence-based classified assessments.
The body has no power to collect intelligence by itself, relies on information forwarded by EU member states, and there has long been a lack of political will to make it a fully-fledged intelligence service.
European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen had outlined better intelligence sharing, including a new proposal for an EU joint situational awareness centre, in her State of the Union speech last year.
"One of the problems is that the minute the EU's diplomatic service would produce a common intelligence product, some member states would start to worry it would start to also act more independently as a geopolitical actor," another EU diplomat said.
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2022.01.23 07:00 ZoolShop The 49ers canceled Aaron Rodgers, Packers yet again in the playoffs. Now an uncertain future awaits Green Bay.

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2022.01.23 07:00 Ty1er_878 Just let the nostalgia kick in

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