AITA or was I being manipulated

2022.01.23 05:51 OhOnJai AITA or was I being manipulated

So I’ve been seeing this girl for a year, got into a relationship with her last month, I called it off tonight and honestly I told her that I’m not attracted to her and lost feelings for her because of the way she irritates me and always wants to talk 25/8 when when I have a life. She always tries to piss me off and always plays it off cause it’s her personality and says I can’t handle her… I told her how I really feel and she’s upset saying I’m wrong for leading her and trying to build a relationship with her like she’s some experiment toy, I was gonna call it off today but now after a long 2 hour talk she’s messages me saying she has a “Appointment” 3am right now and I don’t give a fuck lol, so she’s just some “hoe” like my friend says and never took anything serious. Now I accepted I was wrong for trying to build something and not really tell her how I feel. But after her taking about her “options” and appointment I always kinda knew what she was even though she lies, she tried to gaslight me and I just played it off like a chore cause I was trying ti make it work but my heart was saying hell nah. So nah she doing her “activities” atm and the only question is was she trying to play me?
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2022.01.23 05:51 ImplementStrong Makeup: How do you ladies do it?

How do you all do it? And no, I don't mean what foundation you apply, or how you style your eyeliner, or what color eyeshadow you use - I mean, how do you do it, how do you reconcile slathering your face and body with products that have direct associations with the beauty industry (a name which I find so ironic because it wouldn't be able to make profits if people didn't feel ugly, or at least some degree of simply not being "as beautiful" as they potentially could, or beautiful enough), with the idea of being a woman who simply wants to express herself independent of the male gaze?
I find that I look "prettier" with conventional makeup on, but I know that this idea of "pretty" is largely shaped by heterosexual male preference and the beauty industry, which is saturated with scrotes and pickmes. Even when I do "unconventional" makeup that isn't typically "sexy," such as bold lip colors, bright eye palettes, and nose art (which are probably too eccentric and unattractive to the normal heterosexual man whose brain has been too fried by the makeup styles seen in porn, and so anything "artsy" like this is probably a turnoff), I still feel a bit uncomfortable, because even though I know that bold patterns and bright colors aren't exactly catering to male heterosexuality, it's nonetheless makeup, and the makeup industry, and the entire beauty industry, profit off of women shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars into these practically useless products - hundreds or thousands of dollars that could otherwise be used for a productive/fulfilling hobby/skill, or to invest, or to save for retirement, etc.
Besides this dilemma, I feel like makeup culture in general is just plain misogynistic. If we do our hair and makeup, people judge us as more attractive, even though it's actually a very "fake" attractiveness that can only be achieved with product and labor. If we don't do our hair and makeup, and just do a basic skincare routine of cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF, we're suddenly "tired" or "sick," even though this is the default state of any regular human being. So many men are going about, not moisturizing, and not using sunscreen, but I guess that's normal, and therefore, somehow acceptable, so it confuses me as to why women are held to such a different standard.
I've always disliked the beauty industry, but I've been having an especially hard time coping with all of this now because my boyfriend's mom owns an eyelash salon. His mom and dad were immigrants who came to this country dirt poor - the dad was an engineer who invested his savings until there was enough money to start up the mom's company, then the mom made it really big (first starting off with nails and now specializing in eyelashes), and because of her hard work, the family now has millions of dollars in assets and is living a very comfortable life, literally the epitome of the American Dream. I realize that without this salon business, my boyfriend's family could have never become so wealthy; that being said, I still have every right to hate fake nails (some of which are so horrendously long to the point that they're honestly impractical and unhygienic) and I still have every right to hate fake eyelashes (which, like fake nails, serve no actual function/purpose, and both of which remind me of porn culture, whether explicitly or through other avenues such as social media influencers). I still have every right to despise these things, but I honestly feel like I can't talk to my boyfriend about them because it could be misinterpreted as hating his mom for taking advantage of such a profitable business idea which just happens to be in the very industry that I have such a deep and burning hatred for. To be honest, I feel extremely frustrated. It's not just my boyfriend that I can't talk to about this - I can't talk to anyone that I know in real life when it comes to these issues, and it's an extraordinarily isolating and lonely path to walk down, when the only thing to keep you company is your own thoughts, since no one else seems to agree, or if they do agree, they just don't feel as strongly and passionately about these things as you do.
I know that some of you ladies might like nails and eyelashes for your own reasons, the same way that some of you ladies probably appreciate makeup as an art form, for example. I just feel like I'm constantly doing mental gymnastics in my head because fake long nails and fake long eyelashes literally wouldn't exist without misogynistic beauty standards and porn culture, so how can I not hate them? And yet my boyfriend's mom, a successful and powerful businesswoman, literally grew her wealth this way, so how can I blame her for making money, even if it was "at the expense" of other women shelling out cash for nails and eyelashes?
I feel the same way about the first part of my post as well - I'm constantly doing mental gymnastics, wondering how in the world it's possible to truly wear makeup "for ourselves" - and I think the reason I can never seem to come to a happy conclusion is because, deep down, I know that no matter how much we try to convince ourselves that it's really "just for us," nothing really is, when it comes to beauty. What we perceive as beautiful, is shaped by our experiences throughout our entire childhood and adulthood. What we perceive as pretty, is shaped by our culture and our society. What we perceive as attractive, is warped by toxic beauty standards and porn culture, whether we like it or not, and whether we consciously realize it or not, and yes, we can fight it, but it takes years of unlearning, and years of unconditioning. We can delude ourselves all day long, saying that we do it because we genuinely enjoy it, independent of mankind, and doing it truly for the empowerment of womankind, but the pessimist in me (just kidding, what I meant to say is, the realist) highly doubts this. I'm sure all of you ladies have read this quote by Atwood many times by now, but it seems to ring especially true for such a topic as this, for "even pretending you aren't catering to male fantasies is a male fantasy: pretending you're unseen, pretending you have a life of your own, that you can wash your feet and comb your hair unconscious of the ever-present watcher peering through the keyhole, peering through the keyhole in your own head, if nowhere else. You are a woman with a man inside watching a woman. You are your own voyeur.”
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2022.01.23 05:51 staydarkk ich🐌iel

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2022.01.23 05:51 pmb2211 Sexing A. Geniculata

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2022.01.23 05:51 JCogn WA be like.

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2022.01.23 05:51 justanotherthrowacc9 I don’t think I [F21] want to be in a relationship anymore but I’m scared of losing all of my friends.

Hey everyone, this is a slightly complicated situation but I’ll try to keep it short. Also keeping everything kinda vague since most of the people in this story use Reddit. Sorry if the formatting is bad, I’m on mobile.
I met my current boyfriend, R [M22] at the beginning of our first year of college and started dating very soon after. We met our main group of friends right after that and they have only really known us as a couple. We are in our third year now and I can’t help but feel a little trapped in this role.
I haven’t really been single for more than a few months at a time ever since I was 15 years old. I guess I’ve just been scared of being alone and having to deal with that, but I won’t get into all of that. It might sound ridiculous, but I want to know what it’s like. I don’t want to have to be tied to one person anymore, especially since there’s some issues in our relationship making me feel more and more trapped.
He is not in the best mental state, as he has been having lots of trouble receiving help for mental issues like anxiety and depression. A lot of the time I don’t feel like I can be his girlfriend, but instead his therapist. I always feel guilty venting to him about my own struggles with mental illness because I am in therapy and on medication and I don’t want to make his problems worse by adding mine to his mental load. I know I sound terribly selfish, but it’s really emotionally draining, and when I’m struggling I always feel so guilty asking him for help because he has it worse than I do. So I feel really trapped in this role because I want him to be happy.
The other problem is, more relating to the title, that all of our friends have always known us as a couple. I can’t talk to any of them about this because I don’t want them to see me as the person who ruined the friend group’s dynamic. I also don’t really get any time alone with them when my boyfriend isn’t there, as I live with some of them but my boyfriend basically lives out of our flat (mostly staying in my room) too. These are the only really close friends I’ve made at university and I’m scared that I will lose them if I break up with R.
This was really all fine (as in, I was able to push these feelings aside) until recently I went home for a break. Both my boyfriend and I live in different countries to where our university is, so there’s a pretty big time difference between us and we couldn’t talk very much. I spent most of my break with my best friend, A [M21] who I had a very brief summer fling with before I went to university and met R. It was after a pretty rough breakup with my high school ex, so I assumed there was nothing between us. Long story short, I’m pretty sure I have feelings for A but we talked a lot and both of us wouldn’t be willing to act on them until after university as I’m not too big a fan of such long-distance relationships. Nothing happened between us though except for sitting really close on a couch, I didn’t cheat on R.
Therefore, I think my friends would think I’m the bad guy if I told them why I want to break up with R, and it would really be bad for him emotionally if I did, but there are all these feelings I have and also my desire to try and define myself independent of a man. I don’t know what to do here, but I guess the basic question is should I break up with R or keep the status quo and not ruin my friendships?
Thanks so much for reading and for any advice :) !
TLDR: I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore but I’m terrified of losing my friends and destroying my boyfriend’s mental state and I don’t know what to do.
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2022.01.23 05:51 Imaginary_Weekend_69 What animal part dou you want replacement with

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2022.01.23 05:51 crystalcaper 20/F USA- Just had a Root Canal. Please give me a cure for the numbness! (And boredom!)

Hi there! My name is Ash and im looking for some new friends! Im not great at making friends so I just hope I can make a few more today! When you message me, try and guess what my full first and middle name is. I doubt anyone can get it.
I just had a root canal, and my mouth is killing me! Come make me laugh, but not too hard because that would hurt right now! Its almost 3am my time, and I cant sleep at all!
I enjoy plants and gardening, as well as crystals and minerals. I also make art, and write poetry and stories! I watch probably too many movies and TV shows!
Im open to all kinds of people, and would love to learn more about you. Tell me your most defining features/hobbies, and also tell me the most fun thing you did this week.
Hope to meet you soon! :)
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2022.01.23 05:51 JokeytheRed Did Afton's story came from Chipper?

So I realized how similar Chipper and William Afton are, they both deal with loss and rage and no wife's and they both start making robots and start going crazy and also try to impersonate people.
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2022.01.23 05:51 eeeeeeeeee2222222222 W h a t

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2022.01.23 05:51 DangerousShift2714 How do I input a whole text into the program?

I need it for an assignment.
The input is basically given out as:
and I have it to input all of it, but the input can also be
So, I need something like get line(), but for the whole text! Is there a such thing?
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2022.01.23 05:51 MentalTest2 Karma for Karma 🥰

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2022.01.23 05:51 Even_Information_821 ID please. It has white and purple flowers. Thank you in advance.

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2022.01.23 05:51 zicho [SvelteKit] In hooks.ts: 'event' is undefined

I am trying to implement hooks in a demo app but I keep getting error "event is undefined" in my hooks.
I've more or less copied the exact same code that is in the docs:

export async function handle({ event, resolve }) { console.log(event.request.headers.get('cookie')); const response = await resolve(event); response.headers.set('x-custom-header', 'potato'); return response; } 
But this me
Cannot read property 'request' of undefined 
If I don't use event, everything works. Why would this happen?
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2022.01.23 05:51 Dynodaze True Petrol Heads car GTV6? Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 v6 Dyno Runs

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2022.01.23 05:51 iallerigyi Crystal similar to Sapphire

I’m extremely new to crystals and wanted to get a crystal pendant for a necklace. I want to know which crystal looks as close to sapphire as possible. Authentic sapphire is very expensive, but I like the idea of crystals more. Thank you all so much for being patient with a newbie.
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2022.01.23 05:51 levonsafaryan Can an earthquake hit all three of these infernos?

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2022.01.23 05:51 HarryWarden1 The voting results for the worst AI Generated Match up.

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2022.01.23 05:51 glasscat33 Someone please stop me from writing romance books!

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2022.01.23 05:50 calisthenicslb What are the best P2E games out there?

I know Axie is a big hitter among crypto P2E gamers, but what other games are there. Some of my friends suggested Kitty Kart and we are considering pooling our money and buying in. It honestly looks pretty fun, and pretty profitable too.
This field is so good and so lucrative I wish there were more games for it out there
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2022.01.23 05:50 RangerNeat8307 Instagram hacked :(

Hi everyone!
I’d appreciate all the help I can get. My Instagram got hacked and I’ve tried doing the: forgot password > need more help, but the need more help button sends me to their account support article.
Anyone know what to do? I did have the account linked to another (which thank god they didn’t get to).
Thank you!
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2022.01.23 05:50 Darkiscool7556 Strange WWF Debuts 4 : Kwang
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2022.01.23 05:50 houssamchab CastleVania 1 remake Underground carvens update

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2022.01.23 05:50 M17Bu11Y The QR Code Secret Message

I Went And Figured Out, What Happens When You Scan The QR Code With Your Own Phone In Watch Dogs 1. I Went And Got The Following Message Below
QR Code Message: Hey DedSec! ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐
As You Can See, This Dude Is Clearly Not A Fan Of Dedsec. Please Don't Spoil Anything Below As I Have Not Finished This Side Quest.
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2022.01.23 05:50 ThePoiChan Could Rohan have prevented part 6?

So, the whole thing with getting Jolyne arrested was to get Jotaro to come so Pucci could have Star Platinum and his memories of the diary, right?
Had Jotaro asked Rohan to delete the memories of the diary from his head, would this have destroyed Pucci's plan? Since both the diary and any memories would be gone.
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